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Please note that if there is a problem with the vehicle when returning it, the customer is responsible for paying the repair costs. Accidents and failures listed below are also self-responsibility.

  • Accidents/malfunctions that occur during dangerous driving

  • Accidents or breakdowns that occur while driving in violation of traffic laws

  • Repair costs for damage or corrosion to the car body due to poor usage

  • Accidents and breakdowns due to operational errors

  • Accidents/malfunctions while driving on non-paved roads such as lake shores, forests, riverbeds, etc.

  • Accidents or breakdowns of drivers other than those specified in the contract

  • Accidents and breakdowns while driving under the influence of alcohol or using drugs

  • Accidents and breakdowns when used to tow or back another person


​Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have insurance?
    Insurance with red TS mark Injuries of less than 15 days are not covered by insurance. In addition, some commercially available bicycle insurance covers a wide range of coverage, so if you are concerned, please complete the enrollment procedure yourself.
  • What should I do if I get a puncture on the way?
    In the event of punctures or other failures during use, the customer will be responsible for repairs. In that case, please contact our shop. Affiliated bicycle shops (Takemura Shoten 077-562-0866) are also available. There is also a bicycle loading service called Biwaichi Rescue by a taxi company in the prefecture. For details, please contact each taxi company.
  • Will I be charged a cancellation fee even if it rains on the reservation date?
    In the case of a typhoon or rain that does not issue a warning, the usual cancellation fee will be charged. In case of cancellation, please contact us at least 2 days before the start of use.
  • I'm worried that I won't get lost. Need a map or navigation?
    It would be more convenient to have a map. Let's check the place to run in advance! For the route around Lake Biwa, there are information signs at junctions, arrow marks and blue lines on the road surface. The route information provided at the store and the cycling app "BIWAICHI Cycling Navi" have also been developed, so please make use of them. [Supported OS/Download URL] iOS is here Android OS here
  • Where is the "Biwaichi Cycle Support Station"? What kind of service can I receive?
    There are various places in the prefecture, mainly along the lakeshore, and you can receive services such as rental of air pumps and tools for sports bikes, and provision of toilets.For more information, you can also check the Biwaichi Cycle Support Station Map.
  • Is there anything you would like to have?
    Beverages and a first aid kit (regular medications, etc.). We recommend that you bring portable food and rain gear (kappa, etc.) in case of emergency.
  • What kind of clothes do you like?
    We recommend using stretchy material for the lower body. Layering your upper body makes it easier to adjust the temperature. We also recommend wearing gloves to prevent injury in the event of a fall, and sunglasses to protect your eyes from flying insects while riding.

If you get sick on the way, or if you get a flat tire or break down, we also offer the following services.

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